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Internationally written and read
pole and aerial magazine 

Chloe Reynolds

-Rest, Reset, Recover-

Issue 16

"Rest is good for the brain, rest is good for the body and rest is awesome for your training progession"

Latest Issues

What's our special Editions?

Each year we create two special editions. Usually around July and November. 

We find these special editions through a mixture of things, including important groups in the industry. 

So far, you can find the following special editions on our website: 

Issue 10 - Mens edition

Issue 17 - Pregancy Edition

Issue 21 - Sex Worker Edition

Issue 28 - Circus Edition

Issue 31 - Burlesque Edition


Issue 38 - Plus size edition

Issue 42 - Australian Edition

If you have any requests of what you want you want to see in a special edition, we would love to hear! 

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