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Chloe Reynolds

-Rest, Reset, Recover-

Issue 16

"Rest is good for the brain, rest is good for the body and rest is awesome for your training progession"

Internationally written and read
pole and aerial magazine 

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Issue 29

Nat _naat_pole.b.jpeg

In issue 29 we said hello to Anna Smith, a photographer from South Africa, who was interviewed by our in house writer, Nat. Nat also wrote about the Imperium Showcase over in Ireland. In house writer Jess also wrote 2 sections for this issue, introducing pole personalities as well as having a conversation with Rocky Whorror in out “hello, my name is' ' section. I wrote an article all about the swimmers body illusion and how some performers find tasks easier than others simply due to design. 


Kelly Interviewed Kassia Portas for our “Decade of” section as well as Rags to Rubys for the “fashion to fly in section. Lottie Welcomed Chanel Coppard in the article, 5 Ways to Not Give a F*ck - Being Your Authentic Self on Stage. Charles chatted all about rest as well as his first aerial hoop class.


We had two guest writers, Chloe who wrote all about the Glorified Show and Rike who wrote an entry in the pole diaries. 


Finally we fully welcomed Em as an in-house writer, with two articles, Being the change you want to see in the industry and Have you got what it takes to... open a studio?

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