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We are a pole dance magazine born in the craziness of the 2020’s.


Communities, business, support and classes all moved to the internet and social media changed in the space of a year, sadly not all changes were good.


Social media algorithms meant that pole dance was being hidden from view. Something that left a lot of people banned, hidden or alone. This affected not only performers, but teachers, pole clothing companies, studios and photographers whose images may have shown a little skin - a common sight in a pole studio.


Here at Brass Monkey, we are trying to make this a thing of the past by welcoming everyone and everything. The dream and vision is to make this a one stop shop of support, comfort, education as well as helping you find new amazing independent clothing companies, accessories, classes online or in a studio, events and competitions.


We aim to be a magazine that showcases the many different styles and disciplines of pole dance, ranging from sport to stripper as well as being fully inclusive and diverse for dancers of all backgrounds, races and genders.

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