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Photographer - Bea Debney


In House Writers 

Kelly - Cirque Wear by Shelley

Lauren - Introducing Annika & Olivia Egerstedt

Jess - Geeking out over Circus Psychology

Lottie - Let there be Carnage with Carly Carnage

Charles - Why are men only attracted to certain circus disciplines and not others?

Lauren - Cirque du Soleil- A World of Wonder interview with Lea Toran Jenner

Guest Writers

Beth Lewis - Finding home in the Circus

Eilish Foxen-Mcgough - Seeing Double with Jamie Double

Ina Stiennes Gianello - Born to Fly

Paige Hollyoake - Life as an Aerialist

Tessa Thomas - Pole Diary: Taking a leap of Faith

Sophie Bould - Upside Down Circus

Ina Stiennes Gianello - Work hard, play hard


Issue 28 - Print

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