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Issue 17 was first released in July 2022.


Issue 17 is our mid year special edition, with this one being all about pregnancy and pole. This is not a "To and Don't Do" advice magazine issue, but instead a selection of articles, interviews and photographs of amazing women in the industry talking about their different experiences allowing to share and show that if you chose to have a baby during your pole journey, how you go about pole and aerial is entirely up to you and how your body works. Each persons journey is unique, whether you are able to exercise throughout the pregnancy, change up your routine, or actually take some rest, each option is valid and okay.



Velvet Arrow

Millie Robson

KE Photo

Fay Morrow


In House Writers 

Lottie Adore, Viki Rowe, Joan Palmer, Vanessa Bagge, Natalie Leworthy, Kate Edwards, Ilaria Ferrari


Special Guests

Linney Nutting, Holly Merrett, Stephanie Hampson, Jessica Davidson, Kim Jenkins, Charlotte Harvey-Parsons, Bendy Kate, Phoebe Thompson, Charlotte Robertson, Lorna Walker, Hong-Lan Dan, Sarah Scott, Jennifer Figg, Annie Norris, Emily Laura, Simone Rix

Issue 17 - Digital

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