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For the full interview and spread, check out Issue 6.

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"Pole makes me feel free. Its a simple word but it encompasses a lot. When I pole I feel powerful, focused, mindful, dedicated, achievement, joy. Fully myself." 

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" I love Hoodlum Fang. I have a super soft spot for them as even before I knew about the brand ethos and started following Chlo, I fell in love with the dinosaur print and it was the first ever official pole set I had. Since then, it's been an absolute joy to discover what the brand stand for and stand alongside the inclusive and empowering message they embody. I love following them on Instagram and seeing the diverse range of brand ambassadors. Being represented is so important and Hoodlum Fang do this so well."

" Reflecting on the photoshoot: I'm so grateful to have been part of this awesome shoot. Not only was it super cool to get dolled up and do what I love best in front of a camera but my favourite part was probably the hour over lunch, where a group of women who were brought together by a shared passion for this crazy discipline set the worlds to right. Which leads me on to my final thought which is that for me, the thing I have most treasured about pole is the amazing community. I know it's not perfect and I'm glad we continue to work to make it better, but it's an incredibly rich, diverse supportive, fun and (let's not lie) badass community that I feel so fortunate to have found."

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" Hoodlum Fang clothing makes me feel so
confident. I love
the style and the
material designs
are gorgeous
and match my

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" Pole makes me feel confident and strong in a way no other form of exercise ever has. My favourite thing about pole is the community and the amazing people who I've met because of it. Everyone is always so supportive and there to hype you up. From my experience it's been really un-judgemental which is really freeing."

" My favourite thing about pole is how hard it is 😂. I know this could be seen as a negative especially when the comparison monster strikes, but for me I'm in awe of what's required of your body to do pretty much ANY move in pole. The way you need to be precise, and fully engage your muscles and thought process mean there's a real sense of pride no matter the move."

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" It looked like it was totally amazing from the backstage shots that I could see on Instagram stories. I'm so happy with how it all turned out. When planning the shoot I wanted to make sure we showcased some of our most popular prints and also that they had a cohesive colour scheme which can be difficult with us at Hoodlum Fang as I know all our prints can be a bit chaotic sometimes when all put together.  But I think we pulled it off.  I also wanted to select models who are originally our customers so we know that we're getting people that already feel badass in our clothes but also wanted to really showcase that we truly are inclusive with our sizes " - Chlo, Hoodlum Fang

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