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Creative Director

Indah is our remote writer from Ireland, who combines her love for writing, design, and pole at Brass Monkey.


She has been doing pole since 2014. Her favourite pole tricks are shoulder mounts and handsprings. in 2017, indah became a certified instructor. from 2018, she added yoga and dance to her routine, partially because the gym crushes her soul. her favourite styles are commercial, dancehall, afro, and hiphop. ever since then, this combination awakened indah's childhood love for dance and now she has made the transition into flow and heels.


After her BA (hons) in film and her masters in creative media practice, she now works as a designer. When she is not working or dancing, she makes time to practice photography, catch up on her endless pile of books, play a video game, or simply retreat into her favourite couch potato mode.


Here, at Brass Monkey, she takes care of the Pole Diaries to share tips or provide space for others to share their experiences, interviews. She is also the magic behind the design of all our beautiful issues. 

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