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Issue 12  was first released in February 2022.


In this issue we went stateside by showcasing the photography work of Jonathan Gonzalez from Velvet Arrow. Chloe is back, answering all your questions. We were back in Manchester again, this time for KEPhoto's launch party of their new studio. Guest writer Ana Marie wrote all about life as a self taught Pole dancer.  Indah is back with another entry of the Pole diaries, talking all about the unhelpfulness that can be Instagram and why beginner moves aren't always for beginners. Eilish discusses why she uses pole and self care, and finally Jen from Poletrotters returns, introducing us to the world of poler skating. 



Jonathan Gonzalez -Velvet Arrow


Guest Writers

 Ana Marie - My Expirience as a (Self-Taught) Pole Dancer

Jen Smith - Poler Skating: Pole Dance's Coolest Trend


In House Writers 

Eilish Foxen-McGough - Using Pole Dance as Self Care

Indah Suria - (Please Stop) Doing It for the Gram

Chloe Reynolds - Ask Chloe

Lauren Hunt - KEPhoto Launch Party

Issue 12 - Print

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