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Photographer - Pole O Clock Images 

In House Writers 

Kelly - Fashion to Fly in: How to wear it - Layering Looks

Charles - Let's Talk: Conditioning

Nat - Studio Spotlight: MI Pole, Cork

Indah - Getting Shot by PoleOClock

Jess - Aerial Adventures: The Authentics Northern Heat

Jess - Alabama Whirley: Fat Cabaret & Spooky Shit

Jess - KALMFARM: The Inner Monologues of an Academic Researcher

Nat - Aerial Adventures: Tribe Pole Camp

Lottie - In the Loop: Why Noise Reducing Earplugs Are My New Pole Pal

Kelly - Decade of Pole - Triple Threat : Alicia Domenica

Guest Writers

Georgie Swan - Hi My Name is Georgie

Ellen James - Pole Diaries: Postpartum pole

Joey X-Pole:  - Top 5: Home Pole Guide


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