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Issue 21 was first released is issue 05 in June 2021 and was our first special edition magazine all about the sex work industry. Their hard work, skill and time created the pole industry we all know now.  We relooked at the issue in 2023, updating and creating it as a print edition.


In this issue, we had a special guest Editor - Gemma-Rose. who helped us create an issue with a variety of voices, opinions and experiences. We had articles from Carmen Ali who wrote about campaigning against the Nordic model, and four episodes of the pole diaries, written by Jellyjolis, Xavier, Caliana and Aurora each talking about their different perspectives and experiences of the industry. We interviewed Mistypoledancer about the framing of sex workers in the media and the dangers of SWERF - Sex worker exclusionary radical feminists.  We also interviewed Kitty Velour, Illustrator Exotic.Cancer and Photographer Millie Robson showcased her work.



Millie Robson


In house Writers 

Lauren Hunt - Interview with Exotic Cancer


Guest Writers

Poppy Angel -  The History of Sex Work through the Colour Wheel

Sophie Bould - Interview with Kitty Velour

Eilish Foxen-McGough - Interview with Bristol Sex worker Collective

Leila Davis - Sex Work, Stigma and Racism

Poppy Angel - A Sirens Warning

Toni Misty - The framing on sex workers in the media

Gemma Rose - Exploring sex worker appropriation in the pole industry

Eilish Foxen-McGough -  Interview with Misty Pole dancer ad the northern sex workers collective

Steph Sia -  The evolution of pole sport: Where does that leave sex workers

Issue 21 SWer Special Edition - Digital

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