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In this issue,  We introduced our creative director, Sydnie Reynolds in all her glory, showing off her photography skills. We welcomed two guest writers, Anna Louise who let us follow her on her contortion journey, and Jess Garner who talked all about her aim to develop the world's first therapeutic pole programme. Our in-house writer Lottie went on some adventures, with a trip to the Bristol University pole showcase,  The Xpert heels teacher training course and a chat with Gemma Rose all about the upcoming PDSM competition. Pole diaries in-house writer, Indah Suria talked about learning to pole in heels and discovering her sexy side, BM Owner Lauren chatted about taking a break from the pole industry and Sports Therapist Chloe explained hypermobility. 



Sydnie Renolds


In House Writers 

Chloe Reynolds - Hypermobility: A Blessing Or A Curse

Lauren Hunt - Let's Talk - Talking A Break

Lottie Adore - Aerial Adventures UOB Summer Showcase

Indah Suria - Pole Diaries: Sexual Healing

Lottie Adore - Essentially. Heels Are A Science

Lottie Adore - Filth to the Highest Degree - PSDM with Gemma Rose


Guest Writers

Anna Louise - All The Bendy Goodness

Jess Garner - Pole Dance Therapy

Issue 19 - Digital

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