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In this issue, we welcomed back the photography from Fay Morrow. In-house sports therapist, Chloe revisits ankle strength. We have two pole diaries, one looking at pole camps under the sun by Tessa and the second from Brittany who talks about empowerment and being plus sized. Hollie Noire sits down with our in house writer Lottie to talk about visualising your victory, and Lottie also went on an adventure to become an Xpert trainer. Indah speaks to Jeanette who owns a video studio called Pixalta and guest writer pick n mixx looks through the different apparatus in the updown world discussing the differences.



Fay Morrow


In House Writers 

Lauren Hunt - Interview with Aaron Koz

Chloe Reynolds - Ask Chloe - A guide to strengthing you ankles for heels

Lottie Adore - Becoming an Xpert

Indah - A moment with Jeanette from Pixalta Studios


Guest Writers

Tessa - Pole Diaries - Pole in the Sun

Brittany Berrish - Pole Diaries - Plus sized and Powerful

Hollie Noire - Visualise your Victory

Pick N Mixx - A showcase of aperatus: whats the different and the preference

Issue 18 - Digital

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