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Issue 14 was first released in April 2022.


In this issue, our writer Indah, interviewed Terri Fierce and Sarah O'Reilly from Fierce Fitness as well as Lauren Owens, discussing everything to do with nutrition. We’re looking for this to be a regular section in the future, so any questions we’ve not answered please send our way and we will do our best to get these all answered for you. Eilish is back, talking us through the most painful pole move she has ever attempted (so far), something I think we can all sympathise with! Our ask Chloe section is a little different this month, with Chloe talking us through everything you need to know about Sports Massage, and why it is important to find a good sports massage therapist. A new section started this month called Let's talk,with this month being all about the different types of grips aids. We have a guest writer this month called Guillermo who wrote all about Injuries & Mental Health, a repeated but still incredibly important topic. Finally, to truly appreciate the fact that we are now in Spring, we interviewed Bob Cartwright, who is the owner of Lightstories Photography and Video. Bob is best known for the incredible only purpose built outdoor fixed rig where he produces beautiful images of aerialists on a variety of apparatus. 



Bob Cartwright - LightStories 


In House Writers 

Eilish Foxen-McGough - The most painful pole more I have ever attempted (so far)

Lauren Hunt - Lets Talk - Grips 

Indah Suria - Interview with Terri Fierce and Sarah O'Reily - Give me Fuel, give me Fire

Indah Suria - Interview with Lauren Owens - Fueling your body with Lauren Owens

Chloe Reynolds - Ask Chloe - Everything you need to know about sport massage


Guest Writers

Guillermo - Injuries and mental health - How I almost didn't make it

Issue 14 - Digital

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