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Issue 13 was first released in March 2022.


In this issue, Lauren Hunt showcases some of her work for the first time, with a little interview talking about her journey as a dance photographer and how she enjoys making the most of her local countryside. We have a guest writer - Aimee, who wrote about her anorexia recovery through aerial arts. Please note there is a trigger warning with this article as we do discuss eating disorders and exercise addiction. Indah is back talking about the different pole wear, helping you guide through the world of pole clothing. Chloe guides us on the difference between stretching and strengthening, which one we should concentrate on more and when it is appropriate to do what. This is such an important topic, and one we raised to Chloe during a group meeting. Finally Eilish talks about the difference between training with your pole pals vs training alone.



Lauren Hunt Photography


Guest Writers

Aimee Howard - Navigating Anorexia recovery through the Aerial Arts 

Jess Llewellyn - How BrassMonkey Magazine Helped me take the leap to my first pole class


In House Writers 

Eilish Foxen-McGough - Training with your pals vs. training alone

Indah Suria - Hit or Miss - A journey through different pole wear

Chloe Reynolds - Ask Chloe - Stretch or strengthen? 

Issue 13 - Print

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