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Issue 09 was first released in October 2021.


In this issue we hit some important topics in this issue, tackling the absolute fiasco which was Only fans, interrupting and discriminating against sex workers by banning sexual content. Our writer Eilish spoke to Steph Sia and Dr Carolina Are to discuss what happened and what you can do to protect yourself and your work if this was to happen again. Steph Also wrote about the pleasers and stripper aesthetic, with the question on whether non-strippers should be allowed to wear them. Jen from Poletrotters introduced us to the other side of pole dance jobs. In September, we were invited to the Bristol Pole Championships, where one of our writers, Sophie, spent the day watching each performance and interviewing performers behind the scenes. Indah added another entry to the pole diaries, with an important topic of how to stop feeling guilty for training at other studios. Chloe answered your questions. And finally, we were visited by Rebecca from Aerial Arts in Fife, showcasing her photography alongside an interview.

Issue 09 - Digital

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