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Writer - KALM Farm - Hello, My name is

With over 40 years experience of being a human, Jess is a self certified work in progress. She was awarded “best mum in the world - ever, award” in 2021 by her 8 year old daughter who is also her pole doubles partner. A child dancer and singer turned burlesquer, Jess began consistent training in Pole dance in 2019. Spin pole, elbow and knee grip tricks are unapologetically her all time favourites. 


Lover of fine cheeses, forensic psychology documentaries, and music, Jess spends her spare time getting thrashed at Mario Kart by her husband, hanging out with her family pets, and training at Aerial Sports in Ellesmere Port. She has been a freelance writer for over 10 years, beginning her career as the international correspondent for “Pin up America” magazine. She has also written for Vintage Life, Burlesque magazine and other glossy alternative lifestyle mags. 


Amongst the many strings to her bow, Jess is a yoga and dance exercise instructor, behaviourist, a mental health therapist, lecturer and teacher. She is currently researching Pole Dance and mental health and aims to develop the worlds first Therapeutic Pole Dance course to treat trauma.

Jess looks after two awesome sections: Kalm Farm which discusses mental health with pole dance and "Hello, my name is" a section dedicated to disabilities in the world of pole.

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