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Managing Editor & Writer

Charles is the resident proofreader and also writer of various topics, including his favourite of hating on patriarchal capitalism and heteronormativity. He started pole dancing in 2015 and started circus in 2017, but previously was a white-water kayaker and cross-country runner. He teaches pole, heels, stretch, hoop and trapeze at Cloud Aerial Arts in Manchester and at Off the Ground Pole Dance in Sheffield, but also teaches workshops and performs around the country. His main focus when training is safety, cross-training, training both sides, active flexibility and lots of techno music! He believes that you should pole dance and do circus because you love it, enjoy the activity and the community, and not because of any other reason (oh and he thinks diet culture and summer bikini bodies need to get in the bin immediately). 


When he's not in the air, Charles is a mostly full-time scientist for the government, takes care of his 100 house plants and garden. He also loves cooking, keeping his house clean and tidy, thrift shopping, brunch and cocktails. He's always up for a night out clubbing, specifically in Canal Street or dingy clubs with good sound systems to blow off steam and dance the weekend away.

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