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Writer - Fashion - A Decade of Pole

Being absolutely obsessed with pole, Kelly is thrilled to be writing for Brass Monkey magazine. She will be reflecting her many years of experience in "A Decade of Pole" as well as interviewing pole and aerial fashion brands. 


Kelly first discovered pole around 10 years ago at university. Pole fuelled a confidence that she did not know she had and helped her move in ways she didn’t know she could. She loves teaching and helping others discover the incredible world of pole and hoop at the bendy studio in Bristol. Kelly teaches beginners, improvers, teens and kids classes. 


Her favourite pole trick is a shoulder mount and she is a fan of most strength tricks. She is working her weaknesses to become a well rounded poler and aims to compete again in the future. She is now transferring her abilities onto flying pole and has recently discovered a love for heels. 


When she's not writing about pole, teaching pole or training pole, she tutors children and supports families with special needs. 


In her spare time, she enjoys bingeing TV series with her husband and her dog, Mylo. If you follow her on Instagram you have the pleasure of seeing his gorgeous face on the regular (the dog not the husband). Kelly enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures. She started writing for Brass Monkey Magazine whilst travelling around New Zealand. 

Kelly looks after two sections of the magazine, concentrating on fashion in pole and the aerial arts. She also looks after The decade in pole section, interviewing those who have been in the industry for over 10 years. 

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